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Chris Brodber is an exceptional counsellor. He is an excellent listener, who keenly listens to his clients, to help them work through challenges or issues they're having. He also does his follow-up with them to make sure that you're in good stead. Top-shelf Counsellor!

Don Smalling

I have had the opportunity of using the counselling services of Christopher Brodber. I was able to identify and understand the issues and was able to solve and develop decision-making techniques. Not only were the problems identified but the prayerful support of the Counsellor helped me to feel reassured and hopeful. His listening to my concerns was attentive and made me comfortable in opening up without fear of judgement and prejudices. Highly recommend to anyone!

Racquel Russel

I've known Christopher Brodber since 2007. He's very wise, caring and full of knowledge. He's educated and his heart is for people. My wife and I found his approach to counselling is extremely effective. It helped our marriage to be stronger and through his counselling, my wife and I got to know ourselves better and each other better.

Wayne Weekes

I benefitted from marriage counselling from Christopher Brodber. My assessment of my sessions with him: He was very objective - He is very knowledgeable - He is not judgmental - He was very patient and allowed each of us to express ourselves freely. And he is also a good listener.

Trecia Allen

Me personally? I have never been married (engaged yes - thankfully it didn’t work out) however, I’m speaking from the perspective of grief, which has no limitations, unless it comes into contact with love. And counselling for me, with Mr Brodber, has been a breath of fresh air! In this roller coaster of a life I live, he’s like having a best friend in my pocket whom I run to as a human safe haven. Non-judgmental and very direct, my sessions with counsellor Brodber is worth more than anything I’ve ever spent.

Sunita Clarke

Christopher Brodber

Expert counsellor & motivational speaker

I am an experienced counsellor with over two decades use of proven intervention techniques. I use a combination of methodologies to bring help, healing and hope to those I serve. I have created helpful tools, including books, an action plan and videos to aid in growth and general mental wellness. My books are available for purchase online.

C. Brodber

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